Welcome to SOHO EXPO Exhibitor Kit

Thank you For Exhibiting!

You have THREE sources of important information listed below.

FIRST Click SOHO EXPO for the complete show details and deadlines

For your convenience we have added links to

Gaylord Convention Services & Brede Exposition Services

They will also be sending you information since each required you to set up your own accounts

Good News – you can use a previous one if set up

SOHO EXPO office if you need any assistance — 727-846-0320 or email info@SOHOexpo.net

SOHO EXPO KIT or contact 727-846-0320.

GAYLORD SERVICE KITwww.gaylordpalms.com or contact 407-586-2288

BREDE SERVICE KIT – www.bredeallied.com or contact 407-851-0261.

Other services: Shuttle FlyerLead Retrieval Order Form • Audio Visual Order Form


Exhibitor Set-up Times: FRIDAY 8:00am – 7pm • SATURDAY 7am – 10am

Show Hours: SATURDAY 10:30am – 5pm • SUNDAY 9:30am – 3pm

Show Office is CLOSED Tuesday, Nov. 26th & Wednesday, Nov. 27th
REOPENS: Nov. 28th at Gaylord Convention Center